#2 Dracula1974 – Movie Review

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, one of the oldest horror novels is always a good choice to turn into a horror movie. So let’s have a look at Dan Curtis’s takes on this original tale of horror. 

Movie description: 

This version of Dracula was adapted for the big screen by Richard Matheson and is based on the original novel by Bram Stoker. It was directed by Dan Curtis and released on February 8, 1974.  The movie stars Jack Palance as Count Dracula, Fiona Lewis as Lucy Westenra, and Nigel Davenport as Dr. Van Helsing. Interestingly, Curtis decided to film in England and parts in Yugoslavia where it was quiet and the presence of castles made it appealing for filming the segments that take parts in Dracula’s Castle. 


When Dracula summons Jonathan Harker a real estate agent to his castle in Transylvania, he grows impatient to purchase some properties in England. After seeing the picture of Lucy in Jonathan’s belonging, Dracula decides to purchase a property near Lucy because of her stunning resemblance with his now-dead wife. Dracula soon embarks on the journey to England leaving Jonathan behind in his castle. 

Upon his arrival, Dracula seeks Lucy which he slowly transforms into a child of the night. That is when Dr. Van Helsing starts suspecting Lucy’s deteriorating condition may be due to the presence of a vampire. Now Dracula will have to face a new enemy that may prove hard to get rid of. 

Praises and critiques: 

I think this version of Dracula was really good. It’s an old movie but it did age well. Dan Curtis did a great job in directing this horror movie. With almost no visual effects other than blood pouring out of the mounts of dying vampires, they did a great job at making the movie scary. Furthermore, Jack Palance’s performance really enhances the quality of this movie with his powerful presence on the screen.  


This is a great horror movie and all fans of vampire stories should enjoy this motion picture. Unfortunately, if you don’t like to watch old movies you may want to skip this one. 


I give this movie 5 stars because it was a movie that I enjoyed watching so many times and also because of Jack Palance’s performance which was outstanding. Finally, I think that as time goes it will always be a good vampire movie that future generations of horror fans will enjoy.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Reviewed by Steven Morrissette


  1. In my imaginary Dracula is and will always be Bela Lugosi even if I appreciated that of Gary Oldman very much. Bram Stoker is admirable he accurately described a place in the world he had never seen in his life …


  2. I don’t believe I have seen this movie. There is a new version that I recently enjoyed. I do like this genre of films and I should check this out some time.


  3. I’ll have to give this a watch! I love vampire movies, and Dracula is THE vampire. Jack Palance is a great actor, too. I never heard of this one.


  4. I’ve watched some movies about vampire and Dracula in particular, but haven’t tried this one. I heard about this before but it’s too old for me to try. You review make me a little consideration about watching this haha.


  5. I never watched this one, though I love Dracula and have watched several different film adaptations.
    I think I’ll find this one online to watch, and no I don’t mind that it’s an old movie. That’s that give it charm in my opinion.


  6. I’ve never watched any older horror movie films. I’m picturing the blood out of the corners of the lips that you mentioned and giggling at the prospect. Compared to the bloody gore baths they produce now lol! I love vampires so I’m going to have to check this out now. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this version of Dracula! Jack Palance was a fantastic actor, so I’ll have to add this to my list of movies to watch 🙂


  8. I haven’t seen this, but I do find the story of Dracula fascinating, so I enjoyed reading your review. Old movies are always interesting, so this is definitely one to check out.


  9. Dracula has long been one of my favourite books and I was impressed by how well they were able to translate the book into movie form with this movie. You know that you’ve nailed it in making a movie when it’s still such a great watch this long after… Even in the days of special effects and everything else, this is still well worth watching.


  10. I love the book and the movie with Gary Oldman, however I didn’t know this was based off of it as well. I have never seen this one, but I love a good vampire movie especially one that relates to a book I’ve read so I will have to check this out.


  11. Dracula has always been one of my favorite books to read. It is a classic! But I must admit that I’ve never actually watched the movies. I need to take the time and do so, especially after reading your review. I always appreciate movies that age well and can be watched more than once.


  12. Oh classic! I have seen this movie many times and I introduced it to many people. I haven’t seen for couple of years though, I’d a must rewatch


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