#7 Midsommar 2019 – Movie Review

The midsummer festival takes place in Sweden every year and is the second most celebrated holiday after Christmas in this Scandinavian country. But for some residents of a secluded community the “MidSommar” (in Swedish), is a much more serious tradition that could seem extremely disturbing to any outsiders. 

Movie description:

MidSommar is an American and Swedish folk horror movie that was co-produced by the two countries. This motion picture was directed by Ari Aster who also wrote the screenplay. Furthermore, the movie was released in the United-States on July 3, 2019, following its pre-release at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in New York City, on June 18, 2019, and finally, it was released on July 10, 2019, in Sweden. 


A group of friends travels to Sweden to attend the midsummer festival held in their mutual friend’s hometown. Soon after their arrival in the idyllic little village, they realize that there is something ominous about their national festivities. Without any choice, they are forced into a brutal and outlandish contest at the heart of a pagan faith community that will change their life forever. 

Praises and critiques:

I have to say that Midsommar got under my skin without any resistance. I was truly creeped out, which is what I want when I watch a horror movie. I guess it is safe to say that Ari Aster is a true master of horror.

Furthermore, Midsommar is somewhat of a slow-burn but the storyline is always more mysterious and it hooked me in from the start. Also, I was pretty pleased with the originality of the plot and the way it was executed. 

As for the filming locations, the views were stunning. It is funny to know that it was filmed in Hungary and not in Sweden like I originally thought. 

In conclusion, Midsommar is a horror flick of good quality that was captivating, creepy, and filled with unexpected twists that are disturbing. 


I recommended Midsommar to fans of folk horror who are ready to go through some unsettling scenes that may be traumatizing.


I give Midsommar 5 stars for its creepiness and originality.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Review by Steven Morrissette


  1. This became a fast favorite horror film for me. I liked it for the same reasons as you gave in your review. Great review! I look forward to seeing more recommendations from your blog

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  2. Your review is super good, I haven’t watched this movie but heard about it! I would love to watch it now, I will enjoy it!


  3. Is this movie in English? I’d love to watch a foreign horror film. I need something that doesn’t follow the usual plot and has some exciting twists and turns.


  4. Midsommar is one of my favorite movies of any genre. It was so unbelievably good. I sometimes question what kind of person I am, though, because I thought it had a happy ending. LOL


  5. I just can’t handle horror movies. Midsommar seems like an interesting story, but I guess I won’t try to watch it considering your warning about creepiness. My husband though might love it, thanks for recommending.


  6. thanks so much for that review ! its always hard to find horror type movies that are good , so thanks to you we will give this one a watch kind regards Pati Robins @ style squeeze blog


  7. Is this a horror movie? But the movie poster doesn’t seem like it is?! That made me intriguing to look for it and watch it. Thanks for the review!


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