Christine King – Author

About the author:

“Christine King mostly writes Horror but she chucks out a few fantasy and other genres when she feels the urge. Christine also writes poetry when she is feeling melancholy or adventurous.

Christine lives in West Sussex at the moment but she is originally from London, England. She enjoys archery, a good cocktail and sushi. Her influences are Stephen King (whom she has loved since she was 15) and Terry Pratchett (who gave her encouragement and a place to escape to, RIP sir)

Christine is a mum and a wife and always gets the same response when she says that she writes Horror. “But you seem so nice!”

Surviving the Ravenous:

Cathy wakes up to find the world has changed overnight. Everyone around her is either dead or has been turned into mindless eating machines. She does not know how she survived, but she must keep on doing it, battling against the odds. Befriending a rag tag group of youths, Cathy heads out on a road trip towards hope, fighting with her feelings and all the new terrors this world has to offer.