Jackson Arthur – Author

About the author:

After being brutally mauled by a dog as a toddler, Jackson Arthur grew up with a stutter, which caused him to be socially awkward. Instead of interacting with people, he chose to hide his nose in books, causing him to fall in love with fiction.  At an early age, he began to read Goosebumps and Fear Street, before graduating to more adult novels like The Stand and The Green Mile.  His love of scary stories blossomed into the desire to scare people himself. Jackson Arthur currently lives in Ohio with his wife, Daughter, mean cat, and old chinchilla.

A Splash of Crimson: Strange and Scary Stories:

When June King attempts suicide, a strange and impossible door is revealed to her. What horror lies beyond it? Is she ready to go? Will she have a choice?

A single father watches as his only child lies dying in a hospital bed. Desperate to save his daughter, he makes a deal with a strange young man. How far will he go to save his child?

As a young couple struggles with their collapsing relationship, an empty church at the edge of town invites them to venture within its walls, where horrible things await.

Explore these seven tales of the strange and macabre. Are you prepared to look death in the face? What awaits beyond the unfinished door? These stories not only take you into the heart of fear, but into what it means to forgive. Life and death are black and white, but what exists between is a splash of crimson. 

Cellar Door: Short Horror Stories:

The voice of a strange man forces two young women into a fight for their very survival. Who is Dr. Brant? And what is the silent invasion?

Darryl Rashad can’t sleep. Terrorized by dreams of a flesh-eating creature, he returns to his childhood home in search of answers and peace. During his search, he must face not only his past but the monsters that hide there.

Joseph Keppt has a good life. He has a successful career, a beautiful daughter, and a loving wife. But when he wakes up in a strange room, in a strange bed, he is not sure if he has awoken into a nightmare or if reality is not how he remembers it.

What terrifying tales lie beyond the cellar door? What creatures await to devour you? Will you open it? Are you brave enough? 


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