Jean-Paul L Garnier – Author

About the author:

Jean-Paul L. Garnier lives and writes in Joshua Tree, CA where he is the owner of Space Cowboy Books, a science fiction bookstore, independent publisher, and producer of Simultaneous Times podcast. In 2020 his first novella Garbage In, Gospel Out was released by Space Cowboy Books and in 2018 Traveling Shoes Press released Echo of Creation, a collection of his science fiction short stories. He has also released several collections of poetry: In Iudicio (Cholla Needles Press 2017) and Future Anthropology (Space Cowboy Books 2019) which was nominated for the Elgin Award. His short stories, poetry, and essays have appeared in many anthologies and webzines.

Echo Of Creation:

This collection of short stories will lead you through environments both familiar and yet unexplored by man, each with situations as startling fresh as the last. In stories Stinger and Desert Star, our known desert landscape takes on an eerie dimension when everyday folk are confronted by not-your-everyday alien intrusions, such as meteorites that embed memories of ancient cultures into human brains, and a hovering tree-like craft that sucks glowing scorpions dry in the desert night.  Other tales are set in the future, such as Echo of Creation, in which desperate parents living at the edge-of-time send off their unmet children into a better timeline – the past – in which their futures are dictated via instructional data packets. Fears and uncertainty in the act of spontaneous space flight emerge in stories New Moons and The Psione Program. These tales leave one with the insights that beings from other realms might be just as curious to communicate with the unfamiliar as we are, and that even the most meticulous planning proves ever fragile against the mysterious factors of space and time.

Garbage In, Gospel Out:

The End Times are upon us, again. Frank Johnson is a falsifier of reports for the Bureau. Management is concerned that Frank is coming too close to the truth for his own good. The battle between experience and vicariousness has begun and leaving the planet may be the only option for Company Men and the upper echelons of society. But are the End Times real if they have already happened?