Michael J. Moore – Author

About the author:

Michael J. Moore’s books include Highway Twenty, which appeared on the Preliminary Ballot for the Bram Stoker Award, the bestselling post-apocalyptic novel, After the Change, which is used as curriculum at the University of Washington and the psychological thriller, Secret Harbor.  His  work has received awards, has appeared in various anthologies, journals, newspapers (including TheHuffPost) and magazines, on television and has been adapted for theater.

After the Change:

Diego Conner is at school when his world changes. As soon as his classmates start killing each other, he runs. Then, when he gets home, his parents try to eat him. They aren’t zombies though. They are alive and can be killed. He simply calls them “The Changed”. The only people he knows who haven’t changed are his friends, Sheena and Wes. With their families gone, the fifteen years old are forced to look out for each other. But how will they survive? Who can Diego turn to? Is it Wes, a born leader or Cali, the only girl he knows? Together, can they find survivors and a new way of life? Can they face a new journey – one filled with brainless, flesh eating monsters? The prison awaits.

Highway Twenty:

An engineer from out of town disappears. Then Conor Mitchell’s girlfriend. Then his parents. The townspeople of Sedrow Woolley, Washington are vanishing at a horrifying rate. But they come back. They all come back days later, and they’re different: Hungry. Insectile. Creatures posing as humans. Because Conor knows the truth, and because the entire police force has already been changed, and because there’s nowhere to run from an evil that only wants to spread, his sole option is to fight. But they have no intention of letting him leave town.

Secret Harbor:

Tony Carpenter loves Karina. It doesn’t matter that they’re only fourteen, because when they’re together they forget about their abusive homes.

They run away, leaving a trail of murder in their wake, until Tony is caught and sent to Secret Harbor School – a boy’s home on a remote island in Washington State’s San Juan’s.

Run by corrupt staff with no accountability to anybody who cares about the abuse administered daily to its residents, Secret Harbor School is among the state’s best-kept secrets.

Tony has no intention of staying. The first chance he gets, he plans to escape and do whatever it takes to get back to Karina.

Even if it means more people have to die.

Secret Harbor is a dark, fast-paced, psychological thriller that will make you laugh, cry, and scoot ever so slowly toward the edge of your seat.


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