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About the author:

Born in a dying industrial town, Rex Hurst was the fifth of eight children. Born to blue collar low wage workers, it wasn’t until he was twelve that he was first given a piece of clothing which wasn’t a hand-me-down. After the family was broken up by Child Protective Services, Rex went on the run, worked as a seasonal fruit picker and joined a traveling carnival, before returning to what was left of his family at 18. He then opened a freshly squeezed lemonade business at a mall while working through college before gaining a Masters in Education and his MBA. But it has always been his heart’s desire to be a writer – which leads him here.

The Foot Doctor Letters: A Serial Killer Speaks Out:

Witness the genesis of evil. A serial killer speaks out. Collected here are the ramblings of the notorious Andrew “the Foot Doctor” Masters – the rapist and murderer who terrorized a city in the early nineties. Read in his own words how this madman recounts his life, from his violent upbringing, to his life on the streets, to his eventual rise into criminal infamy.

What Hell May Come:

Based on the untrue writings of the Satanic Panic.

The Satanic Panic was a moral outcry in the United States over supposed “satanic” influence in media that were warping the youth of America. Claims that playing an elf in Dungeons and Dragons could lead to demonic possession, that playing heavy metal music backwards would reveal satanic messages, and that therapists could uncover repressed memories of satanic ritual abuse, were all too common.

Volumes and volumes of material were produced on this fake subject. These texts lead to What Hell May Come, which takes a look at what the world would actually be like if all of the claims of the satanic panic were true.

Set in 1986, Jon St. Fond’s life is a living Hell. Deliberately abused and neglected by his parents, the only joy he has in life is an escape into a fantasy land of role playing games. Soon he discovers that his parents are part of a secret occult religion with hidden ties all across the world.

As Jon and his friends dig, they learn more of the secret history of the world and discover the power of making deals with creatures from Beyond. However, power has its price, as Jon and his friends quickly discover. One-by-one they begin to become consumed by their own desires and hatreds. Jon learns there is method behind the madness of his life, as his Father begins to bring him closer and closer into the ways of the cult. Ultimately, Jon must make a choice between all the pleasures of the earth and the future of his soul.





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