Robert Allen Cinami – Author

About the author:

I’m an independent, outsider Artist, Drummer, professional Screen Printer and creator of Savage75 based out of southern New England. The goal is to put out the vast array of original art and music I’ve created over the years into one cohesive brand. The Pale Duke : Salt & Decay is my first graphic novel and will be part one of an ongoing series (available on Amazon). My work has been featured in the 2007 RISD (Rhode Island School Of Design) book “WUNDERGROUND : Providence, 1995 to the present” as well as the subsequent two-part exhibition at the RISD Museum (9/15/06 -1/7/07), an art gallery at AS220 (10/9/04) and many other underground art shows. I also had a small write-up in Drum Magazine’s “New Blood” section (6/24/11).

The Pale Duke






The Pale Duke