Theresa Jacobs – Author

About the author:

Theresa Jacobs entertains her readers with her versatile style, from kids’ books, to horror, to crime, she’ll never let her creativity be stifled, and after writing eleven books in six years, nothing will stop her now.  She still works full time in the real world and spends every free moment either writing new stories or binge-watching popular shows. She lives in Canada with her handy husband and goofy dog, both of whom vie for the rest of her time. 

The Zombie Effect:

The Zombie Effect ***Warning contains coarse language and violence.

The game they never should have played.

Caleb adores his friends even though he spends most of his time as a mediator to their bickering.

The one thing they all have in common is their love of zombies.

The choice to begin a zombie boy’s club is unanimous.

However, his friends take a simple game of scaring people too far.

When the fun changes to hurting innocent people, Caleb wants it to stop.

But they won’t listen, and the games grow darker still.

Caleb is afraid to tell anyone, and afraid to continue down the same path.

Will he be able to get out of the club and stop his friends before they go too far?

Wife N’ Death:

Angelica committed murder/suicide to end her troubles. What came next was worse than her tortured life. In purgatory, she is stalked by the one she killed with no way out.

Until one day, something beyond her control changes.

Crystal runs from her past to a new house, in a new town, in a nice neighborhood. She believes this will be the best new beginning for her little girl. Not long after moving, her daughter begins to act out of character and Crystal blames herself for the change.

Only Angelica knows the truth; that these women should not be in her house. Now she must find a way to stop what she started, to save the innocent and break her own bonds.

Or is it already too late?  

The Cimmerians:

When Emersyn fled the big city for a quieter life in the Midwest, she left all her troubles behind – or so she thought. She quickly discovers her quaint new home has a past of its own. Ten years prior a young woman killed herself inside the front door. Since that fateful day, the locals avoided the house. Not one to believe in the supernatural, Emersyn, along with a new friend, take it upon themselves to conduct a seance for answers.

They get much more than they bargained for when they awaken an ancient evil. The same evil that haunted the past resident.

Now they must scramble with little time to stop it. When Emersyn’s past comes back to haunt her, and innocent people get hurt, she has nowhere to turn. Until a police officer inserts himself into her life, together they will do what they can to put an end to the deadly shadows forever.
Can evil this powerful ever truly die?

***Note special free short “The Followers” at the end of the book, approx. eight pages. This story can be read before as a prologue, or after for fun.  

Sudden Death:

Death. There’s An App For That.

When James’ roommate vanishes, he begins to investigate.

After finding his friend’s phone, frozen, locked in a mysterious game loop, James elicits the help of fellow students to uncover the mystery.

They soon discover that this is no regular game.

What they find is more than a game. Much more.

Whatever you do, don’t click ‘download now,’ or you’ll be next.

Written in the tradition of campy B horror fun.  Don’t take life too seriously; you will not get out alive.  


A small Rocky Mountain community is plunged into fear when their sweet old librarian is found mutilated. She was alone in a locked apartment, with only her cat as a witness.

Her death is only the beginning.

It’s up to Chief Salinger to solve the crimes. With the help of a hot new reporter and some tough local kids, they discover something more terrifying than a murderer.

When the medical examiner cannot comprehend the state of the body, he ships it off to Vancouver for help. That triggers the Army to step in and take over.

Will Chief Salinger be able to save his town from a force beyond our comprehension?

Or will the Army destroy it to keep a secret from the world?

Are you afraid of who is locked in your house with you at night?

You should be.  

Death Game:

Death Game (15 min film based on the Demon from book Sudden Death) 

 SYNOPSIS: Death! There’s An App For That. When Jo’s partner Sam vanishes, she begins to panic. After finding his phone, frozen, locked in a mysterious game loop, Jo elicits the help of her friends to uncover the mystery. They soon discover that this is no regular game. What they find is more than a game

Plus more than 20 stories in anthologies, all available on Amazon