Zaslow Crane – Author

About the author:

Zaslow Crane has contributed to numerous magazines over many years, and has been an editor for a national magazine, produced and wrote for an PARSEC award nominated podcast and written perhaps 300 short stories and a handful of novels and novellas.

He lives in a little house on a hill, overlooking the Pacific Ocean with a parrot who is too big for her feathery britches and a dog who, everyday gives new meaning to the word: “omnivorous.”

Creepy Sh*t    “Bedtime Stories For Adults”    Volume 1 thru 5:

Macabre tales…Unexplained and unexplainable. Weird Stories, like the Twilight Zone but not Science Fiction. Death, Betrayal, Witchcraft, Conjuring Death…the usual.
Consider this for a moment:

* What if you TV started to receive “new” programming? What if that programming was aimed directly at you? How can that be? This isn’t what TV is it? Is it?
* A business-man’s utterly ruthless practices have come back to haunt him, but it’s not the government, nor police who have come knocking…Can you say: “Envy”? Treachery? I knew you could.
* A vampire goes to consult a psychiatrist …But he’s not working through the problem you might expect. In this story there is both more and less than meets the eye!
* A turn-of-the-century magnate crashes in the Australian outback. Someone saved his life. Was it God? A god? Or was it something else altogether.
* Overnight a man is turned into a dog. At first it was awkward, then it got easier and easier, until the damn cat showed up.

All this and much more awaits you in:

Zaslow Crane’s Creepy Sh*t Volume Three

Coming soon: Zaslow Crane’s Creepy Sh*t, Volume 1, 2, 4 and 5…Also “Blood of Time- Fenn, the vampire Killer”- a very different sort of Vampire Story, and “Dimple In Time-or What Do You Wanna Do With My New Time Machine? Wanna Make A Movie?!” Two brothers make a time machine and use it to make a documentary, but the movie is a hit and soon everyone is after them, including “the guys from the future” (sexual themes).

The Future Is Closer Than You Think Volume 1:

Cherry-picked from the “Day After Tomorrow” these stories heavily influenced by The Twilight Zone run from the very serious to the absurd; from A.I. on trial for manslaughter, to fortune hunters raiding an abandoned temple on a far off planet. But just because that ancient temple is abandoned doesn’t mean that it’s not guarded.* Or, what if God is not omnipotent, but instead is really, really adept? That means that He has limits? Have we reached those limits? * We follow a bunch of soldiers in a civil war taking new equipment out in the field for the first time. What could go wrong? As it turns out, nearly everything.* What if the Beatles could do one last tour? Yes, ALL FOUR of them.* You’re a crew member on a ship halfway to Mars, on a “milk run”, a simple delivery, when the ship begins to deteriorate quickly. There’s no help coming in time. Will teamwork save the crews’ lives?* Aliens arrive- “First Contact”, but they only came for dinner.* An old miner alone in outback of Mars’ Tharsis Montes region has a deadly secret…but it’s not the one you think. Plus, lots more, and they all ask the question: What will tomorrow be like?- And is there a place for me there? Plus Previews of upcoming books and a new short story – part of a book project detailing Humanity’s first attempt at colonization on an exo-planet. -It’s not usually monsters that will kill you. Often you’ve got to watch out for the stuff that seems mundane. Zaslow Crane’s “Tomorrow Is Closer Than You Think -Stories From The Day After Tomorrow”. – Book One

The Future Is Closer Than You Think Volume 2:

In it you will find-

•A simple Med Tech finds that the fate of all Humanity is in his hands. Is he up to the task?
•Life in the near future will obviate most jobs. No job. No responsibilities. No aspirations. No sense of accomplishment from doing those jobs. Humanity is at a crossroads. Evolve or…?
•“First Contact” Their interest in Music brought “Them” from across the Galaxy. Music is completely new to the newcomers. Now that they’re here, is “music” all they really want?
• Superfood to breed and to feed super –sized animals to feed the World. What could possibly go wrong?
•In a post-apocalyptic cattle drive there is both more and less to the day-to-day grind of being a cowboy.
* They came. They sat “up there”. They destroyed all of our lines of communication. Shut down all communication. Humanity’s last days? Perhaps…
•The world has collapsed. Food is running out. Winter is coming on. Is there a place for Love…is there even time?
•The buying and selling of fake holy artifacts is reprehensible…unless they’re not really fake.
•A very popular movie star accidentally signs away the rights to his own face. He can’t work, heck, he can’t even be seen in public. Where’s his way out?
And much more …