#5 Run 2020 – Movie Review

Diane’s close relationship with her chronically ill daughter, Chloe, begins to suffer once Chloe discovers her medication has been tampered with, further uncovering secrets about her mother.

Movie description:

Run is a hulu original thriller movie written and directed by Aneesh Chagantry and released on November 20, 2020. The movie stars Kierra Allen and Sarah Paulson.


Homeschooled and wheelchair bound Chloe eagerly awaits her college acceptance letter. While her mother, Diane, insists she is supportive of her daughter’s decision to go away to college, she also has been interfering so Chloe doesn’t see the mail before her.

Later, Chloe finds unfamiliar medication prescribed to her mother while poking through the groceries. She is surprised when these green pills are given to her to be taken, and when questioning her mother about it, she explains they are Trigoxin to treat her heart condition.

Diane sabotages Chloe’s attempts to research more about this medicine, but ultimately she uncovers that her mother lied and what she had been taking was medicine for dogs, which when ingested by humans, can cause leg paralysis. Chloe is left questioning if she can trust her mother and if her ailments are real or something that was imposed on her by her mother. All the while, Diane sabotages her attempts of uncovering the truth and gaining autonomy, even locking Chloe in her room, cutting phonelines and disabling the wheelchair lift for the stairs.

Diane insists her actions are to protect Chloe, but slowly Chloe uncovers the true nature of her mother and dark secrets about their relationship.

Praises and critiques:

Like any good thriller, this movie kept my attention and left me in suspense.

One of the best aspects of the movie was the casting of a disabled actress, Kierra Allen, to play a disabled character. Her performance was authentic as a real life person who uses a wheelchair, and made me appreciate moments where Allen was forced to crawl without her chair as it wasn’t acting and her actually putting herself through the physical struggle her character was going through.

Characters in the movie were limited to Diane and Chloe, well relaying the isolated existence Chloe lives in and raising the stakes for Chloe when she determines her mother can’t be trusted and she could only rely on herself.

Ultimately, this isn’t the first use of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy in a horror film, so I can’t give this film credit for originality.


Perfect for fans of psychological thriller and exploration of familial ties.


4.5 stars. Not an original concept, but executed in an original way. Casting Kierra Allen was ultimately the best decision made on this movie.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Reviewed By Robin Rose Graves


  1. I love a good movie, especially a psychological thriller. This movie sounds great! I’ll be sure to add this one to my list.


  2. I enjoy a good psychological thriller, but I don’t have Hulu. If I ever run across it on another platform, I will have to give it a watch, sounds good.


  3. okay, as a disabled person, I am loving that they cast a person who has a disability, however, I am not so happy that they are using that Munchhausen thing again and again, which only leads to more people thinking that this actually happens often, which does not. So I find movies with that theme problematic. But that is just my opinion, as a disabled person and mother of disabled kids (both grown now). Blessings!


  4. This seems like such an intriguing movie! Especially as the character begins to learn more about her mother! Adding this to my must watch list


  5. I love a good thriller, and this one sounds excellent! Good to hear that they cast an actress with a disability to play the daughter. I’m adding Run to my list on Hulu 🙂


  6. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this movie, especially since it was released such a short time ago! It sounds like a movie worth seeing- hopefully I can see it online soon


  7. This sounds like an awesome thriller. Makes me think of the lifetime type movies that I love to watch. I’m adding this to my binge list.


  8. I have heard of this movie and I have always wanted to watch this . Too bad HULU is not available in our region.


  9. I already watch this movies and awesome. Sarah Paulson Is One Crazy Mother Run showcases the whiplash intensity and cold calculation of Sarah Paulson at her peak, with intense moments that will leave you breathless.


  10. I must add this to my watchlist ASAP. I’m a huge fan of thrillers and Sarah Paulson, she is incredible in everything she does so I’m sure I will enjoy this one!


  11. Wow! I am going to add this movie to my watchlist. I loved reading the plot of this psychological thriller and it looks like a perfect weekend watch.


  12. This is the kind of horror/thriller movie that I like! I am definitely adding this to my Hulu watchlist. I also appreciate the fact that the directors cast a disabled woman to play a disabled character. I will be watching this over the weekend when I have some time to sit down and relax.


  13. I enjoyed watching this one, it kind of reminded me of the show “The Act”. I thought both actresses did a great job with with movie, and it is one I would probably watch again. Thanks for this great review.


  14. This sounds like a really interesting twist on the Gypsy Rose Blanchard story. It’s definitely the type of storyline that I could see pulling people in and keeping them hooked. I know that I was very invested when I first heard about the Blanchard story, researching everything I could to learn more. I really respect the fact that they chose to cast a disabled woman to play a disabled character.


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